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SnapFood: the app for dine out lovers


Snap. Taste. Share.

SnapFood is the new food social network. You just photographed the amazing dessert the waiter  brought you? Do you want to tell the world how good last nights burger was? Here is the perfect place to share your opinion with other dine out food lovers! Share your most loved dishes, and discover new amazing dishes suggested by SnapFoods community.

By sharing your favourite dishes on SnapFood youll find a community of food lovers just like you, where youll have the chance to be inspired to try the best dishes around, and challenge your other foodie friends in a challenge to the last bite! Youll have a chart to climb and hidden trophies to unlock, with a side dish of surprise bonuses! Were already SnapFood-addicted, are you?


The best dishes around

There are thousands of apps to tell you about where you can find the finest restaurants, but do they truly reflect where you can find the tastiest dishes? SnapFood doesnt tell you where you should go, but suggests to you the best dishes to eat! The best burger in London? The best bangers n mash in Brighton? Or maybe youre fancying some Italian cuisine in Cambridge? Weve got you covered! You can browse through the best suggestions of SnapFoods Community to find the best dishes around, where youll find pictures of the dish with its ratings and reviews. You can filter location, cuisine, type of dish and price. Your friends, Food Bloggers and celebrities are already on SnapFood.

And you? What are you waiting for?

SnapFood is available to download for free!