Author: Maria Di Grazia


A Challenge Till The Last Bite

Snapfood a tavola

THE BEST WAY TO USE SNAPFOOD? Having FUN! Challenge your friends and get offers and bonuses!

Here at SnapFood we love challenges, and what better way to spice up the app than with a little bit of competition and great rewards?

What rewards? Well,our plans are still secret, but we can tell you youre going to love the taste of it. Many personalized offers await you and, the more you do, the more youll get!

To get these delicious treats, youll just need to upload photos of your favourite meals in Restaurants. Each contribution to the community is well appreciated, and thats why with every picture you upload youre going to get points!

Here at Snapfood we also love the most curious users, the ones that are always hungry for new discoveries: thats why when youre  the first one to upload a picture from a new restaurant youll get double the points!

But we have much more in store for you. Follow SnapFoods Special Events where youll get the chance to win more and more points if you follow the events directions!

The true spirit of SnapFood is still the will to share your most delicious discoveries, and this is why youre going to earn points, even just by inviting your friends to join the community. For each friend you invite, youll get extra points.

You must think that now you know everything on how to get SnapFood Points..

But what would be the taste of it with no secret ingredient? Thats why we created some secret ingredient Trophies that you will be able to unlock. It is a secret ingredient so we cannot tell you much, but we can just give you an example. You uploaded 5 pictures of Japanese dishes? Youre a NINJA! And, to celebrate your Trophy, youll get extra points!

What are you waiting for? Snap and Taste to enjoy some delicious rewards!